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Dear Amish Cook Fan:

Before beginning, I want to take a moment to thank readers for all of their prayers and support of The Amish Cook column during a difficult time for Lovina and her family.   This campaign was in the works before the rough stretch the Eichers have experienced occurred.  The best help I can offer her, as her editor, is just to keep the column secure and stable.  I know some people have expressed interest in showing their support for the column, but don't have a need for books.

I’m far more optimistic about the future of The Amish Cook column than I was back in February.  One more push and I think we’ll be where we want to be!  But the column still needs one last push from readers.....

Ironically,  it’s new technology that may ultimately preserve The Amish Cook column long-term. I say “ironically” because the Amish themselves shy away from technology.  But our Amish Cook Facebook Fan Page is growing, advances in digital printing are allowing our cookbooks to be printed better, cheaper, faster, and new platforms for delivering content by audio, video, and online are allowing The Amish Cook column to reach more people in more places than ever before!  All of this points to a bright tomorrow, if we can get there.  And that is where I need your help: building a reserve to get to tomorrow.

As the column’s editor, I run a tight ship, but the Amish Cook column is operating in a hostile economic environment. Reader support through cookbooks, Friend Club, and other events represent more than 80% of all of our revenues. Here's what your Amish Cook gift helps support:

FAN -$50 allows for bare bones operation and I’ll send you a complimentary copy of our new book “The Amish Cook’s Everything But the Kitchen Sink” when it comes out in June.

FAN - $75 pays for me to visit with Lovina (an 8 hour round-trip) to work with her on making the column better, work on our books and also gets you a free copy of the “Kitchen Sink” book.

FAN - $150  allows more marketing of the column in order to expand its audience and allows for Lovina to be paid more per week (my largest single expense).  Continually expanding the column’s audience reduces its long-term reliance on readers and is crucial to its long-term growth, but marketing takes funds.  And, yes, a free Kitchen Sink copy and a signed copy of The Amish Cook’s Baking Book for people at this level.J

clears away back debt, back book orders, and allows the column a fresh start.  This donation would also fund the completion of “Not So Simple.“   This is my upcoming memoir about the Amish, Mennonites, and my experiences with them.  For me, the completion of this book is a career capstone that will introduce the Amish Cook story to more and more people.  And, yes, signed copies of The Amish Cook’s Baking Book, The Amish Cook at Home, and The Kitchen Sink book.  Name in the paper with the column as a "thank you"

Ensures you never receive a fund-raising letter againJ and that you receive a complimentary copy of all future books. Name in the paper with the column as a "thank you"

As noted, The Amish Cook column is on the verge of being on much more sound ground than in the past.  We’ve weathered the “Great Recession”, but I want to wipe the chalkboard clean and give this column a fresh start.  I read somewhere that The Nation, one of our country’s oldest magazines is $1,000,000 in debt.  That was eye-opening,  quickly making me realize how lucky we are,  because a mere $5000 - $7000 would clear away most of the Amish Cook’s past messes and allow for a fresh start!Smile And I know you can help clear it away today.   

The column has been around almost 20 years, so I like to think I am doing something right.  After all these years, I am one of the last still standing, one of the last independent media entities un-owned by a giant corporation, I’m kind of like one of those few remaining one-screen movie theaters and the only movie we show is The Amish Cook.
I've never been entirely comfortable reaching out to you as a fundraiser. But I also know The Amish Cook is lucky to be one of the very few media entities out there who have Friends and Fans to lean on in times like this. 

Because people like you have supported the column, I've been able to do the work I enjoy for years. I appreciate that more than you‘ll ever know.  I think there is an inherent value in spreading simplicity and I want to continue this mission.  Certainly, I'd rather be visiting with Old Order Mennonites, exploring German Baptist communities, chronicling Amish barn-raisings than worrying about solvency and writing fundraising letters. Please help us celebrate another 20 years by supporting The Amish Cook.  Thank you!


Kevin Williams
Amish Cook Editor

PS -  This fund-raising drive goes through June 25.   If any of the above support amounts are out of your budget - and believe me, I understand if they are - perhaps you’d consider another amount?   You can become a Fan or SuperFan by donating by credit card over the phone by calling 1-513-849-9158 and ask for Brian.   You can also go to
Or you can send a snail mail to: Oasis Newsfeatures, PO BOX 2144, Middletown, Ohio 45042.