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Final Week For Ordering An Amish Christmas

An Amish Christmas

 An Amish Christmas was the first book ever written by the late Elizabeth Coblentz and myself.  It was 1992 and the column was only a year or so old, but readers were already requesting a cookbook.  Being only 20 years old and a little intimidated - and very much ignorant of - the book business, we waded in with a "cookbooklet."  Something small just seemed a little less intimidating.  The result was a charming cookbook that sold amazingly well. We called the book an "Amish Christmas", which celebrated the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holiday through recipes and stories.

So to celebrate the "little cookbook that could" and the column's upcoming 20 year anniversary, we are offering this neat book again from now until December 15.  The original cookbook is reprinted in almost its entirety but has been updated to add some thoughts from Lovina and her children on the special season.

To purchase, click the BUY NOW button above.  The price is $12.99.  That's actually, I guess, not horrible for inflationary purposes.  The original - 20 years ago - cost $9.99.  But this cookbooklet is almost double the size, containing the 40 pages from the original version and the updated material.  This booklet will stay on sale through Dec. 15.  No pre-ordering, no back-order listings, you order it today it ships today. Very simple!:)  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS.  AS LONG AS YOUR ORDER IS PLACED BY FRIDAY, DEC 17, IT WILL ARRIVE BY CHRISTMAS.


TO ORDER 5 or more copies, click here.


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PHOTO BELOW:  This is a buggy heading out onto the streets of the barren South Texas scrubland.  The Old Order Amish outside of Beeville scratch out a living in an environment that forces them to be much more self-sufficient than even Amish in other areas.   But an upside: the climate is almost always temperate and conducive to year-round agriculture.