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Raisin Cream Pie

Varations of raisin pies are popular in Amish communities. We have a raisin pie recipe in our new cookbook.  I'm not a raisin fan, but I like the raisin pies. The raisins are usually packed into a gelatinous liquid that masks the wrinkly texture of raisins.  This recipe, which isn't in our book, is a creamier variation.  So, if you are into raisins, and even if you're not, give this a shot!


1 cup raisins

3 /4 cup brown sugar

2 egg yolks

2 round tablespoons flour

pinch of salt

2 teaspoons vanilla

2 cups milk

1 medium tub Cool Whip or homemade whipped cream equivalent


Mix all ingredients together (except Cool Whip). Cook till thick, stirring continually over low heat.  Cool and mix with tub of Cool Whip.  Pour into 9 inch baked pie shell. Top with more Cool whip. Chill and serve.

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The raisin cream pie we had in Ohio was of a baked/cooked type.   Amish-made, but I'm not sure how or what went into it------maybe a boiled custard.  Raisins would have to be carefully patted dry for this, as it is so light in color.  ~CS~

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My family from Ohio and my mom from Indiana made their raisin cream Pie with vanilla pudding and raisins that had been boiled for 5 min. drained and patted dry.  They made their own pudding but you could use the boxed kind you cook.


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  I am from N.D.  Sour cream raisin pie and sour cream raisin bars are popular there, in Minn, and in Wisconsin.

   Now we live in Southern Indiana.  No one here has ever heard of it.

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The dry wrinkly texture of raisins is quite easy to fix.   Simply soak in warm water until they are as soft as you want them, then drain & pat dry with paper towels-----or a cloth one.  Good this way in such things as bread pudding, pumpkin bread, fruit cake, raisin bread, hot cereal, etc., etc.  This can be done with either the dark or the golden ones------also with currents.   This simple process provides you with plump juicy raisins in very little time.   Try it!   ~CS~

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we cannot see."                                                              ~J. W. Whitehead~


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GOD BLESS YOU Perhaps the previous writer might share this recipe with her church and the results would be even better for the food booth. (then seh could try some)

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Our church runs a booth during the state fair and they are known all over the state for their sour cream raisin pie and their chicken & noodles.

I love the noodles and love raisins by themselves, but can't even get past the idea of them being combined with sour cream - which I only eat in stroganoff - to even try it.