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Just got back from vacation in NC.  Beautiful weather up until Tues.  Then the heat wave.  I came home on Wed. (7th).  When I reached the Richmond area at noon it was already 105. Wasn't much cooler here either at 7pm.

While in Wilmington we toured downtown and the waterfront.  Had ice cream at Kilwins...could go back just for that...LOL. When we came out  we ran into (almost literaly) a group of Amish people.  Just young ones.  I  think maybe they were about 20 years old.  I was not expecting to see Amish in downtown Wilminton and my nephew said he never has seen Amish in this area before.  They looked to be having a good time sightseeing anyway as we saw them looking over at the USS North Carolina.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  I am going to make it a tradtion to go down every year..until I can't drive.