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thank you!



i want to thank you for letting us help you . the more a person gives, I believe the more you will recieve. As a reader and owner of all the cookbooks you and lovina have written . i want to thank you for doing what you do and love. it is your passion . it has been your sweat and worry and maybe tears.  thanks for letting us see and read what we would not be comfortable asking. Especially helping . we recieved more than you will ever know. linda

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I agree with everyone.  I am glad things are going better for you Kevin and hope they continue that way.  Keep up the good work and keep the faith!

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I thankyou as well kevin for opening the eyes  and ears to the lifestyle  of the Amish . Its obvious you respect the Amish and care deeply for the events and issues surrounding them . Anyone who follows your columns and has purchased the cookbooks can see that you are NOT using them for profit or to exploit them.  Its obvious you provide a service to humanity by publishing wonderful details and beautiful photos  into old order amish life that very few english ever see.  Keep up the good work Kevin we look forward to future documentarys and books .

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here here! I couldn't agree more! Thank you and bless you, dear Kevin!



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Thank you, Linda.  This was a very....uneasy few months, few years, actually....I'll have a bit more to say soon:)