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A Shameless Plug

I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by writing this, so, Kevin, feel free to delete this if you feel this is inappropriate content for the website.  I get the feeling that the users of the Amish Cook website are relatively conservative, politically-wise, which is why I am writing this.  For any readers who live in Indiana's state district 35 (Muncie, Anderson, and areas around there), there is an exciting Republican primary going on for the state district's house seat in Indianapolis.  My brother-in-law, Eric Welch, is running against the incumbent, Jack Lutz, I believe, who has held the seat for 17-18 years.

Even though my husband and I don't always agree politically with Eric, we are impressed by his very genuine commitment to want to make his district better.  He has a campaign website and a Facebook page.

Please check out the sites and form your own opinions.  Thanks for your time!


Re: A Shameless Plug

For anyone who's interested, my brother-in-law lost the primary.  It was an uphill battle to begin with.

Re: A Shameless Plug

Sorry to hear that. I thought of you and your b-in-law yesterday (Election Day) when driving to Columbus, Indiana...I was looking for any yard signs, but I think that was too far south...I know what it is like to lose an election, I ran for office once...More on that other time