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Newspaper industry

Kevin, your prediction of the future of newspaper hard copies has come home, too close to home, today one of our local papermills had a big layoff, they are switching production to a different product due to the downward spiral of newspapers, etc.  They say the biggest reason is because of ipod and kindle, this is scary, my hubby works in a papermill here...

Re: Newspaper industry

Cheryl,we have a papermill near us.. in Johnsonburg,PA. It's about 30 miles away. I have heard rumors much like you are saying. Let's hope not!! As you're well aware,the northeast is already extremely economically depressed.I hope your husband can keep his job.

Re: Newspaper industry

Yea, Cheryl, unfortunately I think paper newspapers are a sinking ship...I don't necessarily think "newspapers" are dying, but the "paper" part is....they'll someday need to change the name to "newsscreens" or something, but I hope the business hangs on long enough to keep your husband employed!