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Cinnamon Pickles

I used to live in Holmes County, Ohio, and collected many recipes from my Amish neighbors, including one for cinnamon pickles which takes about seven days to make.  Unfortunately, my home in Ketchikan, Alaska, flooded out and I lost all my cookbooks to mold.

I really do miss these pickles, and I am not finding the same recipes online from English sites.

Can anyone help me out?  I would so greatly appreciate this help.

Re: Cinnamon Pickles

The link that Diann sent looks about right.  I will say that you need really big cucumbers.  You can let your cucumbers get really big and seedy because you're going to core them out, anyway and discard the seeds.

Re: Cinnamon Pickles

Hello Dr. Ann,

I make these pickles.  Well, not every year.  They do take a long time to make.

The recipe is in the Belle Center Amish Cookbook, Our Daily Bread.

If you would like the recipe you can call me and I will send it to you or read it over the phone to you.  I am not at home right now or I would type it out and send it.

My e-mail is: 


Re: Cinnamon Pickles

DrAnn, found this online. Hope it's the recipe you are looking for...