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The cherries..

I went to Ulysses,PA yesterday to pick my order of cherries from the Amish. It is a very small town in next door Potter county. I have known of the Amish there for years,but did not realize how large the settlement actually is! The girl who I spoke of previously that called,is indeed young. I would guess her age about 14. She was in charge of distribution,and was very adept at it! There were 3 younger boys,her brothers,that carried orders to people's cars. The boy that carried my 30# was no more than 6 or 7. Their father came in while I was there..he seemed very friendly. He has a metal working shop,so I shared that my hubby has one as well. He seemed interested, but had to go because of so many customers! They go to Lake Ontario to get the cherries,and bring them back by truck....I was amazed at the amount that they had!! The houses were all neat as a pin, and the area is so pretty. I had to go alone,so I got no photos....BUT! next week,my daughter,her 2 boys and I are driving back to get some!! She does better with a digital camera than I do,so as soon as we get them,I will share them! There also seemed to be some small shops there,within the homes. I can't believe that only 38 miles away is all of that,and I never knew it!! Where I was yesterday is on the other side of Ulysses from where we went to the farm auction a few months back. I thought those were the only Amish up there...boy what a surprise!!

Re: The cherries..

please do not strive for perfection with the camera before posting whatever you take. Perfection is such an elusive thing..

Re: The cherries..

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.  I'm having so much fun with my little digital.  I have it in my hand whenever we go on the motorcycle.  Really fun.  I'm on an "old barn" kick right now.