LANCASTER, Pa.—In 1998, five Amish families traveled from northeast Ohio to a medical clinic at the end of a winding farm lane in Strasburg, hoping for a miracle.

They had read of the Clinic for Special Children and its founder, Dr. D. Holmes Morton, in Reader's Digest. They knew the clinic, founded in 1989, specialized in diagnosing and treating inherited, genetic disorders in Amish and Mennonite children. The Amish families, from Geauga County, Ohio, all had children with undiagnosed disorders.

"The children had all been seen by the Cleveland Clinic" and specialists elsewhere, Dr. Heng Wang said. "But they had never seen a doctor like this."

Morton spent hours with each child, though ultimately he was unable to identify what was wrong with the children. "But on the way home, all the families were excited," Wang said.

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