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The Amish Cook's Favorites & Facts

Kevin, just had to let you know I received the above book today, don't know how I missed it when I previously ordered the others. This is such a neat booka and already I didn't want to put it down. To all the Onliine users, you will enjoy this one. Just the casseroles on the first few pages were the highlight of my day! Nice job of putting this together Kevin.


Re: The Amish Cook's Favorites & Facts

To anyone that didn't order the 6-pack..please do! I already had a couple(I'll give those to my daughter),but the set is excellent,and will help Kevin immensley..he is SO DESERVING for all that we learn from him. If I can afford to, I plan to order another set for my daughter. Hopefully, finances allow!

Re: The Amish Cook's Favorites & Facts

I ordered mine on Feb. 26. We can't wait to get it.