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What is Your Favorite Amish/Mennonite-themed film?

Re: What is Your Favorite Amish/Mennonite-themed film?

I just saw 'The Devil's Playground' on National Geographic Channel.  I hope Faron and Emma are still together.  He needs her more than he knows, I think.  They both remind me of people I used to know.  Emma is so beautiful.  I was encouraged to see that Faron drove down to Florida to be with her, and tried...eventually get a job.

But Leah's post seems to suggest that he's gone back to Indiana, and then maybe left the Church again.

I think he needs to wake up and realize he's not going to live forever, and that Emma is probably the best thing that ever happened to him and the love of his life.  I hope he gets himself straightened out, and that they find each other again.

In his case, before he is able to make a solid commitment to his Faith, I think he has to commit to being honest with himself and admit that he needs Emma...and then BE with her.

They just remind me too much of two people I used to know.

I hope it's God's will that Emma and Faron find each other and love each other for the rest of their lives.

Devils Playground

Okay, so I have recently watched the Devils Playground, and I was really touched by all of the teens that the film followed. As a fellow Christian, I would like to hear some the ideas they have now. I have now decided to do my school social studies project on the Amish tradition of Rumpringa, and I would really like to get in touch with some of the people in the film and get some of their feelings and thoughts. I would really like to get in touch with Velda and Emma. I have been looking all over, but I do not know how to get information to be able to get in touch with these people. If you have any information like email addresses or anything, I would really appreciate some help. And if I can't speak to them directly, if I could speak to Leah or anyone that I could get most recent updated information from. Thanks.

Films/Questions for Leah

We own the movies Devil's playground, Witness, and Harvest of Fire, which is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that is only out on VHS I believe. I haven't seen Silent Night. For Leah, how are Gerald and Emma? From the documentary I think it said Gerald may have been baptized in the Amish church, is that correct? Also from what I remember Emma wasn't going to stay Amish, what is she doing now? If Emma didn't get baptized she can still visit with her family correct?  How's Faron doing and what is he up to? What is the age group of these folks, the movie has been out for some time now and I'm sure they are in their 20's.    I enjoy watching Harvest of Fire, it stars Patty Duke as an Amish woman and Lolita Davidovich as an English FBI agent investigating arson fires that were set in Amish barns. I'm sure it's not as authentic as Witness is, but its an enjoyable movie. Leah, in your opinion is Witness pretty authentic? Which of the movies closely relates to the truth? In the movie Devil's playground there are two Amish bishops who talk on camera, I'm assuming they aren't old order but maybe Beachy? What's your thoughts on this. Thanks for letting me ask my questions, I'll try to post you some questions on your website too. 

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Update on Faron, Emma & Gerald

Harvest of Fire was a movie that I also enjoyed watchin'!  Did you know that the movie was based upon actual events?  The movie itself is fictional, but the story was written around true events that occurred in a Pennsylvania Amish community many years ago.

I did not know the Bishop's who had the speakin' parts in Devil's Playground.  Perahps Emma will know who they were and what Order they belonged to ... I will have to sk her.

Faron, 23, has been in and out of trouble, unable to break his horrible habit of usin' and dealin' drugs.  At one point, he moved to Florida to start a new life with Emma.  Unfortunately, tho', the relationship didn't last.  Faron returned to Indiana and his family welcomed him back.  Faron did eventually get baptized (last I heard!).

Emma, 22, lives in Florida with non-Amish relatives.  She is doin' well.  Havin' never been baptized into the Amish faith, she was sparred the shunnin'.  Her visits to home are not encouraged as her "fancy" lifestyle is believed to be a "temptation" to her younger siblings.

Gerald, 22, is one crazy, fun-lovin' guy!  It has been several years now since I have visited with Gerald.  And at that time he was livin' in his own place, as an Englischer (Faron was a frequent visitor to the house).   He was very much enjoyin' his fast car and flat-screen TV.  But surprisin' enough, he did eventually return to his folk's home and become a baptized member of the Amish church.  But I have heard recently that he might have left the faith yet again ... 


P.S. -- Emma told me that JoAnn also returned to her Amish community and became a baptized member.  Velda, however, decided against returnin' and bein' baptized.  She lives in Texas today and is enjoyin' her new life as an Englischer.

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Devil's Playground

I choose "Devil's Playground" simply because it featured three friends of mine, Faron Yoder, Emma Miller, and Gerald Yutzy.  I recently spoke to Emma and have plans to get together with her in the upcoming week.  Gerald I haven't heard from in awhile, but he returned to his parent's home (last I heard).  And who can forget about Faron?!  He is quite the character, ain't so?!  But when you get to know him, ya glimpse another side to his troubled spirit, and deep within lives a rather loveable chap who just can't seem to catch a break in life! 

My cousins always liked the movie "KingPin."  I think I spelled tha right! 



There are an awful lot of people on here for a Saturday night! So I thought we should all be forced to do some "thinking" what better thing to think about on a Saturday night than a movie?  It certainly is cheaper to think about a movie than to go to one...sheesh....a tub of popcorn alone can be a bank-breaker....I must confess I've not seen "Silent Light", although I'd like to....anyone seen it?  Okay, pass the popcorn, I'm going to see how this voting goes....Looks like Witness is pulling out to an early lead.