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Beautiful Holmes County....

I will be signing books tomorrow at the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, Ohio. So if you are nearby, stop in and say "hello", and peruse the great selection of books available and meet their authors.  Rachel and I have spent today exploring the vast Amish communities of Holmes and Knox Counties.  I am excited about sharing our photos and videos over the days ahead! I've got a free video for everyone which I'll share soon which I'll post here and "Editor's Adventures" subscribers will have a new video or two.  If you are an "Editor's Adventures" subscriber I have worked out the kinks in the video sharing, so I am excited to share that with you in the coming days.

Meanwhile, this is a photo snapped near Kidron, Ohio.  The bright "interstate batteries" sign seems out of place at first on the buggy shop door, but many buggies do use batters to power the reflectors, headlights and even windshield wipers.

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Christmas Cookbooklet Update

Our 20-year anniversary re-release of "An Amish Christmas" should be ready for ordering on Tuesday.  Stay tuned!Smile  The price will be $12.99 plus shipping (SIGH, sorry to always have to add shipping, but shipping will be free on 2 ore more copies).

A Little Hard to Miss THIS Buggy!

I spent some time in the growing Amish settlements of Wayne County, Indiana yesterday.  This is an Amish community that did not even exist 15 years ago when Wayne County was known more for making school buses than its Amish.  But how things have changed.  There are now 150 Old Order Amish families who all the northern and western part of the county home.  They have come primarily from crowded Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  I visited three different places: a greenhouse, bakery, and bulk store yesterday.  This is a buggy I saw parked in a driveway.  Notice the conservative gray top.  But also note the gazillion reflectors on the back.  This buggy belongs to a young person who wanted to add a little flair.   "It's probably a bit too much," a middle-aged Amish woman sheepishly said the buggy parked in her driveway.  Another humorous twist: a bumper sticker for outdoor retailer Cabela's is affixed inside the orange safey triangle.  This Amish teen definitely is trying to make a statement within the rigid confines of Amish self-expression!Smile

Pretty Picture....

This is a neat photo sent in by Nancy in Greene County, Ohio, a site regular. This photo was taken at the Walnut Creek Cheese Co. in Walnut Creek, smack between Millersburg and Sugarcreek in the beautiful hills of Holmes County.  I will be spending my Friday in Holmes and hope to see many such sights.  This photo is interesting because it shows like a "mini-wagon"......I've not seen many of these, it's clearly a "buggy" with children in mind.  Note the low step in the back for easy kid-sized legs to step on and off, yet there is a full-size seat in front for the parents.  Definitely a handy vehicle for short-hop errands.

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