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Gas Prices & The Amish; Mennonites in Arkansas

Journalists lately love to latch on to the "Amish angle" of high gas prices.  I think they just find the idea of Amish being impacted by high gas prices to be an irresistable story-line.  As we've discussed here, though, even with the Amish sense of self-sufficiency they are not totally "in a bubble."  High gas prices DO ripple through their daily lives .  One story making the rounds on the Associated Press wires caught my eye because it chronicles the impact of high fuel costs in the Adams County, Ohio Amish community.  I've often said that this is probably my favorite Amish area.  Take a look at the story here.

Meanwhile, this is a superb story that appeared in the Shreveport, Louisiana newspaper over the weekend.  The story is good because of it's writing and rich detail, but also as a "public service" piece.  I'm sure many people in the region see the population of "plain people" increasing and probably just assume they are Amish.  Many people here in Southwest Ohio incorrectly refer to our nearby Old German Baptists as "Amish."  So whenever local media can help bridge cultural confusion over various plain populations, I'm please. Click here to read.

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Re: Gas Prices & The Amish; Mennonites in Arkansas

I remember reading an article that you posted about a western Amish farmer who started a wind farm. I don't remember who all benefited from that but I am suprised that others aren't leaning in that direction as a way of creating (or saving) income. Maybe there are more and I just haven't seen any info on that? Anyway it's a great idea and hope that others will be encouraged to do so.