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Van Crash Injures Amish; Barn-Raising

An Amish family in central Pennsylvania had the misfortune of being plowed into from behind by a van.  Three of their children were hospitalized.  Anytime such an accident occurs and there are no fatalties, though, big time blessings can be counted.  Click here to read.  The driver of the van said she crested a hill and the buggy was right there.  I sympathize with her because that can happen, which is why slow travel is essential in hilly Amish areas.  I'm just speculating, but the van driver probably wasn't speeding which could be why there were no fatalaties.

Meanwhile, here is a beautifully written article about a barn-raising in Pennsylvania. The writer of the article was very fortunate to have been able to witness such an event. Amish barn-raisings, for a variety of reasons, just aren't as common as they once were.  They still happen, though, especially after a structure gets destroyed by a fire or a tornado.  I have to admit I rolled my eyes a bit when the writer describes the noon meal being packed with "seven sweets and seven sours."  I've found this to be more of a tourist-based myth than an Amish culinary reality. 

Re: Van Crash Injures Amish; Barn-Raising

Carol - Excellent clarification.  A lot of people don't understand/realize that while the Amish can be considered Pennsylvania Dutch, not all PD are Amish...PD is a large umbrella term encompassing many ethnic groups of which the Amish are just the 7 sweets n sours is an PD tradition, but not necessarily an Amish one - Kevin