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Tax Day

One persistent misconception about the Amish is that somehow they don't pay taxes.  So on this dreaded tax day, I'll once again set the record straight:  the Amish DO pay federal, state, and local income taxes and property taxes just like everyone else.  I'm not sure how this untruth ever originated but, yes, the Amish support Uncle Sam with their wallets just like all of us.  A few other interesting "Amish tax facts":

1)  Most Amish are required to pay into Social Security unless they are self-employed. If they work for a non-Amish employer, they have to pay in although most do not collect from the fund.

2) Interestingly, when "stimulus checks" were mailed out to most Americans during the waning days of the George W. Bush presidency, Amish and Mennonites were divided over what to do.  Some quietly deposited the checks they receivec, but others viewed it as an encroachment on their self-sufficiency.  An Old Order Mennonite buggy-maker put it to me like this:

"the check was a sugar cookie from the government and I didn't want it, so I sent it back."

Meanwhile, read about what one Minnesota lawmaker did to ease filing for his Amish constituents.


Re: Tax Day

I can vouch that they pay taxes.  I went to pick up ours at the tax preparer on Thursday of last week.  I notice a van in the parking lot, but didn't think anything of it until I walked into the office.  There were 3 Old Order Amish men waiting patiently for the lady to explain to each one, their tax returns.  Each was showed where they had to sign, etc.  I have been going to the same tax preparer now for close to 40 years and it was a first for me seeing them in the office.  Now, if only someone would step up and pay mine, I will be happy....:)  Got to get to the post office :(  Karen