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Slump In the Horsing Market

There's been plenty in the news lately about the slump in the housing market.  But what about the horse market?  Apparently the horse industry is in the throes of a painful cyclical slump right now.  The recession is impacting race horses and buggy horses less that the large, graceful draft horses used to pull farm implements.   The state of the market as a variety of reasons and causes which are explained very well in this Chicago Tribune article which visits a horse auction in the heart of Indiana Amish country.  If you have ever been yearning for your own draft horse, but didn't quite have the cash to part with, now appears to be the time. The article illustrates that some colts are being auctioned off for as little as $250 - $300!

negative media blitzes


I will limit my comment to say that it is appalling that we the public will allow them to have the power to put us in the panics they create. I think this is some of the reason newspapers are going down the tube. Many of us are wary of what is behind what we are reading.


I will not rant any further