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Okay, One More About "Silent Light" - For Now....

Caption: scene from Silent Light

I've talked about this art house film for over a year now, first as it was released in Europe and now in the USA.  I won't talk about it again unless I see it, which I would like to do.  The film, set in a community of Mexican Mennonites, tells the story of adultery and complex relationships in this closed culture.  The movie is entirely in the dialect of German that the Mexican Mennonites speak, with English subtitles.  Middletown, Ohio, my hometown, is hardly crawling with places to see art house-type films, so chances are I'll have to order the DVD or go to Cincinnati.  Maybe.  Has anyone who comes to amishcookonline watched the film yet?  If so, what did you think?  I'll try to get my hands on a copy of the movie and report back.  Meanwhile, here are a couple of reviews.  

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Re: Okay, One More About "Silent Light" - For Now....

If you have Netflix you can save it.  Apparently they don't have it in quite yet or something.