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More Lehman's....

We've discussed the unique hardware store in Kidron, Ohio plenty of times before.  The sprawling store with roots in the surrounding Amish settlements is amazing and I think it'd be cool to do a an AmishCookTV video from there sometime.  The Toledo Blade ran an article about Lehman's over the weekend.  There's not much new in the article, but for those who aren't familiar with this gem, this article provides a good primer.  Click here to read.

Thank you from Lehman's!

How great to hear from customers -- thanks for all your kind words.  Kevin, please contact me directly if you would like to tour our store!


Glenda Lehman Ervin

VP, Marketing

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Re: More Lehman's....

Amish Cook TV at Lehman's?  yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! I love that store. I have purchased my oil lamps, lamp oil, How To Live Without Electricity And Like It book, and a number of other items that I love!!!!!!!



Re: More Lehman's....

To be honest,I didn't read the article. However,as I have posted many times before,I am an avid Lehman's shopper! I agree with you,Kevin,an AmishCook video would be fantastic!!!! I have been a satisfied customer for 20-plus years,and have always wanted to visit.Circumstance(and $$) have prevented it thus far. I do get their email has many interesting links and photos,but something more personal would be wonderful until I can someday actually get there! For anyone unfamiliar with the store,I will give my personal,100% guarentee,that if you order from them that you WILL be satisfied. They are a great business..please check them out,you won't be disappointed..I promise!!

Re: More Lehman's....

Love Lehmans!!  I love that place.  I've never been dissatisfied after shopping there yet!