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Midwife To the Amish: Update

I've been reading comments on this site about the Pennsylvania crack-down on unlicensed midwives with interest.   The Amish have long embraced the concept of home-birthing.  This has to do with a combination of cultural, religious, and economic reaons.   Diane Goslin is an unlicensed midwife who has assisted in thousands of home-births, many of them with conservative Amish and Mennonites.  By all accounts, her track record is sterling.  Should her actions be criminalized, or should the Keystone State back-off?  Here's an update on the story.    I'm always looking for "compromises" in tough cases.  This facility in Lancaster County, PA seems to offer some sort of "middle ground". I wish the article would have provided a bit more information on the "Amish angle."  But click here to read about this interesting concept.

Re: Midwife To the Amish: Update

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

I have Dr. Kaisers book, "Dr. Frau", and it is a great book!  I highly recommend it for an enjoyable, often humorous, read.

I hope no one took my comments under the other post in the wrong way.  I suppose my mindset is a little different due to my background.  I think home births and birthing centers are WONDERFUL places... but the fact is that there are board-certified midwives out there who make a practice of doing home births.  Boards are not easy... I am board-certified in wound care, and that was the toughest, most critical-thinking test I ever took.  Credentialing protects everyone... we all want the most competent people taking care of us.

Re: Midwife To the Amish: Update

So, what happens if something goes wrong? What if an Amish woman needed an emergency c-section which would mean a ride in an ambulance and major surgery in a hospital? While I'm all for midwives and their art, sometimes a doctor needs to be involved jsut to make sure everything is okay.