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Leaving the Amish; And Meet MennoMeet

There are a couple of fun reads in the "Amish in the News" section today. One is an interview which appeared in a small Michigan newspaper, the Gladwin County Record. I don't talk much about the Amish community in Clare, Michigan because I'm not all that familiar with it. This is a large rather self-contained settlement (I rolled my eyes at the reporter's use of the word Clare "clan") separated from the larger sprawl of Amish in southern Michigan. The article really gives great insight into the Amish in Clare. This is an interview with an Amish man who left the Clare community and is no longer part of the faith. I liked it because this wasn't a "let's trash the Amish now that I've left" article. This is really provides some great insight into the ways of a specific Amish community. Some - not all - of the reporter's questions were a bit dopey or naive, though. But, on balance, this is a good read.

This is a fun story from the student newspaper of a Mennonite collge in North Newton, Kansas. The author talks about the launch of a new Mennonite singles website. But she good-naturedly pokes fun of Mennonites and explores the possibilities in this piece.

Online dating/Mennomeet

Six years ago I had just gotten online and was using AOL. I had heard about chat rooms and was curious. Well, I started to join chat rooms, which can be fun or disgusting depending on whom you are talking to. Long story short I met a nice man online, he lived in a city 2 hours away. We talked a lot and I decided he wasn't a serial killer. We met a month after we started to chat, he came to my city and we went on a date. We met in a public place and he did not come to my home until after several dates. It turned out he was the love of my life and we've been married for 5 years. Before going on chat rooms I also thought that only crazy psychopaths did online dating. I would caution people to be VERY careful, but there are some nice folks out there. My husband agreed that he would relocate to my city and we've been very happy since. It wasn't my intention to find a man online, but I did.  When we tell this story the men think its a cool story and women always comment on how dangerous it can be. Again I would say that women especially have to be very careful, but you can find Mr. Right online, even if by accident.

re: online dating

Cute story...and proof that online dating can work...I tried the internet dating scene a bit myself before I met Rachel.....I met Rachel 7 years ago of all places in a pet store that she worked you can find your mate in the most random of places, online and off....but, as Quiltermom says, just use commonsense, be safe....

Nice Article

I thought the question about how his Amish upbringing would affect his life as head of his family was odd (I may not have worded the question as actually stated).  You can only act as you have known, so of course his family life will be affected!