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High On The Hog?

The title of this entry is one that Elizabeth Coblentz, the first Amish Cook columnist, would use frequently.  "High on the Hog": just a passing, innocuous term for "living well."  Lovina being from a younger generation uses such phases less often than her mother, but she still speaks them.  Today's "Amish in the News" entry isn't really about the Amish, but it's a nice change of pace from the "buggy-car accident" stories which have been a staple lately.  This is an interesting article in the Dayton Daily News today that looks out "rural phrasology" and some of it's orgins.  An eldery neighbor of my aunt's once used the phrase "crazier than Hogan's goat" semi-frequently.  I've never heard it used by anyone other than her. It's probably one of those rural phrases which once meant something that is now fading away.  Does anyone have any others to share?

Word Phrases

My Mother used to tell me "You can't bleed blood from a turnip!"  

She used this phrase a lot while I was going through a divorce.  :)



My family origins are from the south, so I heard these sayings alot.  More recently we have discovered that a good number of them have their orgins rooted in the Bible!