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The Ever-Changing Amish....

There was a neat Amish article in today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.   As an aside, the Tribune-Review is Pittsburgh's scrappy "second paper."  It's a real rarity for any city to have two print papers these days.  Thirty years ago most cities still had two newspapers but now the number of "two newspaper towns" can be counted on one's fingers and toes.  Sad. But times change.  

And speaking of changing times, this article describes how the Amish continue to evolve and adapt from agrarian people to an entrepreneurial one.   The workmanship ingrained in Amish culture has given rise to some very innovative entrepreneurs, although I continue to think that this evolution from pure agrarianism to unbridled capitalism is going to lead to a split sometime soon with the Amish church. I think within the next 10 - 15 years.