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Amish Road Signs Vandalized

Wisconsin's Amish community is surging in size with the availablity of arable, fertile farmland at reasonable prices.  Neighboring Minnesota's Amish settlements have been slower to grow (um...really...who wants to live in an ice-box 1 /2 the year).  The town of Harmony in SE Minnesota is the oldest and largest Amish settlement in the state.  But in recent years churches have been established in rural areas throughout with one of the farthest north being around Crookston.  It's here that there has been some vandalism on the "slow-moving vehicle" signs warning motorists of buggy traffic in the area.  It could be someone with a grudge against the Amish.  On the other hand, it could be Amish teenagers acting out.  It'll be interesting to see if this case gets solved.  Also, I'm admittedly nit-picking, but the reporter's use of the word "colony" to describe an Amish settlement is probably inaccurate.  "Colony" seems to have a communal aspect to it, which the Amish do not. Colony is a word used with Hutterites commonly, the Amanas, Shakers, or even honeybees.  But the Amish don't live in colony situations.

Anyone near the town of Arthur, Illinois, it sounds like November 17 - this weekend - would be a fun time to visit.  The village gets a jump on Christmas with its annual holiday celebration.  I'm sure some Amish will attend to see Santa come.  The Amish have varying views about whether to teach their children about secular figures like Santa.  Some do, some don't. It's very much dependent on the parent.  Either way, this looks like a fun time!

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Grow yourself up!

For anyone out there removin' the signs announcin' Amish buggies in area, or whatever ya call them, please grow yourselves up! Is not the number of buggy/vehicle crashes up high enough without the signs bein' absent along the rural roads?! Leave my people alone as I am sure they have done nothin' to interrupt your life in an unhappy way!!!


plain groups

Hi Kimberly,
I am not Kevin ( duh)!! I just wanted to say that I used to have some lady make me clothes who lived in Minnesota can't remember where, but it was near that big Indian reservation where they had a shooting last year or the year before. But she moved to Wisc. But they are plain, but look more like Mennonite or perhaps Charity ( they are not either - just plainish - and there are quite a few out there who cannot join the plain groups because they are remarried). You have heard of Charity?? They are considered by some to be Anabaptist ( controversial to some) and were started by at least one former Amish man. They look a lot like Mennonites to me. Some Mennonites wear caps, but many and Charity wear veils. The Charity veil has really become popular in some Mennonite groups. Very distinctive. It is pinned on much further back on the head than the usual veil and looks a tad pointy at the top, rather than more rounded.

re: Minneosta Amish & Santa

I am Kevin:) and I'll throw my two cents in about the Plain people your friend may be seeing near Alexandria.  First of all, there IS an Old Order Amish community just outside Alexandria near a little crossroads hamlet called Long Prairie.  This conversative community came to national prominence about two years ago when a strain of polio - the first in the US since 1979 - afflicated some children in the church.  So there IS an Amish community there, but Joanie is correct in that there are so many different plain groups that it makes it very difficult to tell.  Most of the time I can tell whether a person is Amish or not just by dress, but not always...if you have more information about them maybe one of us can add more?  As far as shopping at Wal-Mart, the discount chain is revered by some Amish, reviled by others.....more commonly revered, though.  They like the discounts.  What did your friend see them buying?

Lovina deals with Santa this way:  she and her husband tell their children about Santa, but they also tell them that he isn't real, he's a fun, make-believe character....IMHO, I kind of like that "middle of the road" philosophy....children get to enjoy Santa, yet there is no "lie" that the parent is perpetuating....

And, last, am hearing we could get a dusting TONIGHT in SW Ohio....which is REALLY odd because it is 64 degrees now and I am about to put on some shorts and sneakers and go running!

Plain purchases

Thanks for the info Kevin, I will give my friend an email and let her know who some of her neighbors are! I don't remember exactly what my friend told me the purchases were of the plain women she has encountered. I may get to find out for myself this spring if we are able to take a trip back there!!

I like the Eichers view of Santa too! and we do have many Christmas movies in our collection that we all enjoy this time of year, and our weather forecast for pretty much the next six months... how many ways can I say rain, precipitation, drizzle, showers...Ha Ha!     

Minnesota Amish and Santa Claus

Question Kevin: We have friends in Alexandria, MN, my friend says that there are Amish living near, also she has encountered "plain" women at the local Wal Mart, but thought the purchases they were making did not seem like things that an Amish women would buy, do you know anything about the Amish near Alexandria and what other "plain" groups live in that area of MN?

Santa, Oh, Santa... We told our children about the legend, mostly because we did not tell our oldest until she was 11 and she had some issues about that, there's a story her children are going to love!! They are all just fine with it.  Actually they are more at ease because they know that the "Santas" they see all over are just guys in costumes.  The coolest part about dropping the Santa thing is that our Christmas just almost automatically became more focussed where it should be on the birth of Jesus! And I do say that , Santa is fun, when it is kept in perspective of the season, I am glad that we have found a a balance! 

About the time we dropped the Santa thing, we started this silly tradition of putting up the Christmas tree (we have allergies , its artificial) on Thanksgiving, so the children are all pretty excited about that since T-day is early this year!  I think I am going to make Lovina's fresh sweet potatoes this year, we usually get the kind in the can. PS - We will pray for Lovina's family as they all travel to such a joyous occasion today and Friday! Now to get my busy day of teaching going!  Kimberly