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Amish Pie & Mennonite Cheese

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Ah, nice to have the "News" section back up and running! A well-written article today in an Indiana newspaper, the Noblesville Daily Times, talks about how Das Dutchman Essenhaus restaurant in Shipshewana is famous for its pies.  The restaurant churns out hundreds of pies a day. I've said this repeatedly that I just think when something is mass produced it often loses its ambiance. In fairness this is not ALWAYS true.  And I have to admit after reading this article (I was dismissive of the premise at first glance) it seems that these Essenhaus pies MUST be very good. Sheesh, some people drive there from 3 hours away to get pies for Thanksgiving. If I am going to drive the distance from Cincinnati to Toledo for a pie it better be darn I'll have to sample an Essenhaus pie sometime and report back....I'm sure of our posters have tried their pie before (in fact, Melba, our roving northern Indiana scribe I think has posted on their taste before), is Essenhaus pie as good as purported?  Of course, these are pies in Amish country, not "Amish pies."  The Keim Family Market - an Old Order Amish owned and operated grocery in Adams County, Ohio - does sell WONDERFUL scratch-made homemade pies.  I've tried Der Dutchman's "Amish" pie....not impressed.

Meanwhile, the enclave of Mexican Mennonites has captivated me for quite some time.  These hearty souls with their blonde hair, blue eyes, and German dialect settled in one of Mexico's most rural, hardscrabble areas in the 1920s and have created a distinct Plain culture south of the border. I'd love to visit sometime.  While I was aware of the Mexican Mennonite entrepreneurial spirit, I was unfamiliar with their cheese-making prowess. I love, love, love good cheeses. Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio has one of the better selections of cheeses for sale in the Midwest. Problem is, cheese-tasting can be a very expensive hobby!

EssenHaus pies

We eat at the EssenHaus at least two or three times a month. I read in our paper that they serve close to a thousand meals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so it must be good! Their pies are very good. We also buy our pies for Thanksgiving there. THEIR PIES ARE aMISH MADE. The people who own it are Mennonite and a lot of Amish people work tthere. Try it you will like it!