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Amish Out of the Ashes....

Sometimes I wonder why, even after all these years with them, I'm still captivated by the Amish. I've seen their flaws up-close and I know there are "bad apple Amish" out there, but yet I still keep coming back.  And I think a story in the Centre Daily Times this weekend capsulizes why.  The Centre Daily Times, by the way, is the daily newspaper in State College, Pennsylvania.  State College (I'm really digressing here) is home to Penn State, so the city is a bastion of academia essentially in the middle of nowhwere.   But the newspaper serves the college community and quite an extensive area of rural land nearby, which has a large Amish population.  Last week I posted a story about an Amish family's home that burned to the ground from a chimney fire.  This week I'm happy to post a story about the rebuilding of their home.  There was no thick roll of insurance company red tape to cut through.  There was no bloated bureaucracy of government to wade through.   Instead, it was neighbor helping neighbor, churches swinging into action: bring a hammer, bring a casserole, bring some nails and ladders....We'll get it done. And in a single day, they did.  It's that sense of no-strings-attached duty that is so alluring about the Amish.  They just "deal with it", life makes messes and it's this shared belief that if we "stick together we can get through this together."  I really, really wish this was an ethos that was not slowly vanishing from the rest of America.

A thought

Since we've been reading recently about Amish folks and lack of permits, I was wondering about when they rebuild homes. Scheduling building inspector walk thoughs takes time, yet they'll be ready for occupancy in about a week total time. Just curious.