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Amish in Maine (Boston Globe article)

The Boston Globe ran a story this morning about the relatively new Amish settlement around Unity, Maine.  The article is a decent read.  Maybe I'm just a little nit-picky this morning, but I thought  the article lacked some of the educational value that others of this type sometimes offer and fell a bit prey to fawning.  But check it out here to see for yourself.  I expect the Amish population in Maine to continuing increasing with its plentiful, relatively inexpensive land.

Re: Amish in Maine (Boston Globe article)

Good morning from Maine. Well I did read the article and it seems to be right I don't know how the educational thing is for them here in Maine. I've been by there settlement a couple of times. But I do know I've been to the one in Smyrna Mills in Maine to the family that has a greenhouse. And I spoke with them for quite a long time. And what I found out was they weren't always Amish ??? They converted to Amish? It is so hard for me to understand that.

Because I have many Amish friends in PA true Amish not the want a be.

Thanks for sharing this story..

Blessings Sister Brenda Maine.

Re: Amish in Maine (Boston Globe article)

i think that i know just how that family feels by going amish. even in our modern society we are in such a hurry to go nowhere fast. they maybe thought that if they went amish, they would find what they were looking for...AND THEY FOUND IT...they are living the way the good LORD wanted all of us to live..simply and believe in GOD and trust him to give us what we NEED not what we WANT.