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Amish Exemption In Health Care Reform Bill?

The Daily Item in Sunbury, PA ran an interesting article today about how the Amish will be impacted by health care reform.  I know some people on this site have asked about the Amish will cope with mandatory health coverage.  That, however, doesn't appear to be as big of an issue as some have feared. It appears that the Amish likely will enjoy an exemption from the mandatory insurance requirement.  Click here to check out the article.

Re: Amish Exemption In Health Care Reform Bill?

It won't matter at all if the government gives the exemption but then closes the ability of our hospitals to accept cash in payment for care, or find another way to close the gap.  I look for that to happen. They can't allow the hospitals to give a better price to the Amish who pay in cash.  (Although it saves the hospitals lots of money in paperwork and personnel.)

If you read the bill, you will find lots of good stuff that is then squeezed out in another area. Abortion will be paid for by one dollar each per month from every citizen, but actually withdrawn and paid for from a health care slush fund instead of directly... so that they can SAY it's not governmentally funded.

The scariest thing? Reid is pushing for one area that will make it impossible to EVER rescind/repeal or change that part (or the whole thing if they manage to sneak it in) and it will change every aspect of our lives forever. The House of Representatives never even READ the thing before voting on it… and there were hundreds of pages added on just the night before the vote.

Sorry... this one really hits home for me. You just have to do the homework.


Re: Amish Exemption In Health Care Reform Bill?

my husband and i are covered by TRI-CARE since we are retired from the military service. we hope that the president can find a way for all to have a good medical care plan. our TRI-CARE plan is NOT in the health care reform bill, so we are safe from that. federal law prohibits our plan from being subjected to that bill. the federal goverment in D.C. also has the same plan as the military...theirs is called TRI-CARE PRIME...that seems to be a well kept secret from the general public...maybe someone should tell their congress man or woman that they would ALSO like to get in on THAT plan.

Re: Amish Exemption In Health Care Reform Bill?

I am glad the Amish are going to be exempt from forced health insurance. It would go against all their beliefs since they have never had insurance before. I am all for the government helping people who don't have insurance but am totally against forcing everyone to use a certain insurance or doctor if they already have good insurance and doctors they are comfortable with. My mother and I are examples. She has excellent coverage and a primary care doctor she likes a lot. She is elderly and worries all the time that she will be forced to get some kind of insurance that will not allow her doctor. I on the other hand have no insurance and would welcome some assistance in getting affordable insurance. I just don't want to interfere with others who are happy with what they have.

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Re: Amish Exemption In Health Care Reform Bill?

Fox news has a similar article.


I was wondering about that. If the government makes it mandatory (which is unconstitutional) then we may all become Amish. I have good health care now. I don't want anything that the Government will give. I too believe that  "it's the fundamental responsibility of the church to care for the material needs of the members of the church," Not government. And somewhere we christians failed to do so.

Re: Amish Exemption In Health Care Reform Bill?

Here is a point, if the federal gov. plans exeptions for certain religious folks, then shouldn't local gov. do the same thing? (ie the potty situation)