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Try Cottage Cheese Pie

I've never been a huge cottage cheese fan.  I like Trauth Dairy's cottage cheese, that is a regional favorite in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky area...

Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken-Corn Soup is about quintessentially Amish as shoofly pie and soft pretzels.  This week I'm...

Philadelphia Inquirer

Pot Pies

As the cold winter swirls around outside, now might be a good time to sample "pot pies." Long before Swanson hijacked the term "pot pie" with their frozen TV dinner concoction, the Pennylvania...

Amish Friendship Bread

Our recipe of the week is "Amish Friendship Bread." Lovina has been on a bit of a sourdough bread kick lately, as she has found her family really likes it. In her column this week there was...

Whoopie Pies

Barbara Houle, food editor of the Telegram in Worcester, writes in her column this week: "It's never too early to think about Valentine's Day treats, especially if you plan to make your own. Whoopie pies, the chocolate, disk-shaped...

Battle of the Amish Meatloaves

Or is it meatloafs? The Amish are known for their comfort food, and what better fills that category than a hearty meatloaf? A fellow foodie traveling through Ohio claims to have discovered...

Recipe Zaar

Shoofly Cake

In keeping with last week's theme of many variations of the same ingredients, we presented another "shoofly." This time, it's "shoofly cake", a close cousin...

Bread, Part II

I wrote yesterday about "Amish Friendship Bread". It's origin and roots in the Amish community are unclear. Elizabeth Coblentz, the original Amish Cook and Lovina's Mom (for you newcomers), told me she was familiar with the bread going back years and years. The bread was...

The Good Ole Cook

Amish Bread

Regular readers of The Amish Cook column know that Lovina has been on a "sourdough kick" recently. Homemade loaves of white bread had been the primary sandwich source in the Eicher household until...

Melissa Wiley

Shoo Fly Cupcakes

The Amish often reinvent their own inventions. For most of the Amish experience in the United States food sources were limited. It has only been in recent decades that the Amish have begun venturing into...