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Amish "Sensitivity" Training Offered in Kentucky

I've often found there to be a "disconnect" between medical professionals and their Amish patients. This is not always true, of course. There are many fine doctors and nurses who do a great job caring for the Amish. But in many cases...

Cultures come together in Geauga

This is a wonderfully written article about an unlikely meeting between two very different cultural caretakers. Read about what transpired when a delegation...

Local Amish families help others recovering from damaging hurricanes

Volunteerism is common among some segments of the Amish. My experience has shown me that some Amish communities have more of an "activist" streak than others. The Amish are discouraged from accepting government subsidies or assistance, ingraining...

Donald Kraybill

Donald Kraybill is probably the nation's most eminent expert of Amish culture. Kraybill is a sociology professor at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania and is often quoted in news articles about anything related to the Amish. Our paths have never...

"Shoe" Fly Pie?

Yum, how tasty is this? - From the Fayetteville Tribune in Oak Hill, West Virginia:

Those in southern West Virginia not inclined to drive to Ohio or Pennsylvania in search of authentic Amish-made furniture and delicacies need look...


The Amish have long avoided having their photograph taken. The objections are based on a variety of Biblical and social principles, which are often misunderstood by outsiders. We've all seen photos of Amish people taken by...

Amish Newspapers

Many visitors to this site have heard of "The Budget", a newspaper serving the Amish and Mennonite communities. The Budget isn't your average city newspaper. Published in Sugarcreek, Ohio, the paper is full of weekly writings from correspondents...


If you are a first-time visitor, thank you for coming. If you are returning, thank you for your patience in waiting for us to get back up and running. This website is still a work in progress, so come back often and look for improvements, additions, and lots of...

Amish Reaction to Ohio Food Stamp Program

Can you imagine trying to open an ice cream stand in Nome, Alaska, or a Starbucks in Death Valley? Okay, these are tired analogies, but this is probably a little like what Ohio caseworkers felt like they were trying to do when peddling their food-stamp program to Ohio's Amish.

A cornerstone of the Amish faith is rejection of all government subsidies. The Amish will not accept welfare, food stamps, or disability payments. Amish that work for "English" employers pay into social security, but they don't collect it.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Amish Tragedy Needs Remain

The shooting at an Amish school in Lancaster County on Oct. 3 shocked and horrified everyone. The Amish have traditionally been a pacifist people, shunning all forms of violence.

Five children were killed in the slaying, with five more recovering from injuries. Two of them, as of this writing, are still in serious condition.