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Quilts, Bread, and Horses

Some of these quilt images displayed on a blog left me scratching my head.   The montage of quilts is entitled "Amish Quilts of Daviess County, Indiana."  I was fine with it until I saw the pattern with "grizzly bears" on them.  Huh?  First of all, I am not an expert on Amish quilts.  And the quilts that I am most familiar with are the ones from the Berne area of Indiana.  In the Swiss tradition of that community the quilts tend to be much plainer with colors mainly solid.  The craftsmanship is just as exquisite, though.  The problem with so many things Amish that get sold for commercial purposes is sorting out what really is AMISH tradition and what is made for the benefit of ENGLISH consumption.  I just find it hard to believe that there are many Amish women gathering at quilting bees making grizzly bear designs.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Certainly other patterns on the website seem to be of greater Amish authenticity, so the website is worth a peek!

This is a recipe posted on a food blog for Amish white bread.  Looks like a good recipe. Lovina's differs in that she uses lard in place of vegetable shortening, but I doubt many of you want to do take a look at this bread recipe which reflects the simple style of Amish yeast baking.

Interesting, cute story behind this photograph, but I didn't think the horses look angry. They just seem to be staring at the camera. Am I missing something?

Snowstorm in the Ohio Valley this weekend?

Just thought I'd post this from one of my favorite weather blogs. If you live in the Ohio Valley, sounds like you might want to keep an eye on a developing storm for this weekend. Today - ugh - we are just getting poured on with rain.

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