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Pumpkin Cookies from the Book

I just made the Pumpkin Cookies from the new book.  I was pretty surprised at the "egglessness" (is that a word?) of the recipe, but they are really good!  I left out the choc. chips though, we decided we wanted plain this time.  I haven't made the frosting yet, but I might!!

On another note, I would like to know if Lovina knits and/or crochets?  

Good Amish-themed Book and....I'm Puzzled....

One of our Kansas contributors flagged this article for me that appeared today in one of my favorite papers: The Hutchinson News.  The article describes two books written by a "plain" author describing his family's journey from Amish to a slightly more liberal Amish-Mennonite type church.  The books sound well-written and rich.  If anyone has read them, please let us know what you thought.  I'm not sure how I pick what books to read. Right now I'm reading a riveting book called "Our Town", which chronicles race relations in the medium-sized Indiana city of Marion.  Okay, sounds stuffy, but the author actually does a very good job with the topic. And since Marion is very much like my hometown, Middletown, Ohio; the book is all the more interesting.

I was complaining yesterday about the Washington Post featuring a photo of an Amish man with an article about an Amish market.  Well, sheesh, at least that article had something to do with the Amish.  An article in today's Oklahoma City Oklahoman features a story about the nation's slowing economy in 2008.  Accompanying it is a photo of Amish men working in a Middlefield, Ohio lumber factory in 2007. Huh?  I mean, I guess, one is somehow supposed to make some sort of inference/connection from that photo to the story? Or do you think someone just screwed up and put the wrong photo with the wrong story?  The caption leaves no clues.....What do you think?


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