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Amish Snowbirds? Yes, even the Amish need a break from the cold. Between November and March, this tiny community is transformed...

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Bracing For The Big One.....

I received the final "proofs" via FedEx yesterday from our publisher for the cookbook that Lovina and I have coming out this fall.  I'm going through the book line by line and making sure everything is accurate.  I think the publisher's design team did a dynamite job with the look of the book and that the final product is going to be quite captivating.  I need to have this book read by the weekend and shipped back to them so it can be sent to the printing house and then on to bookstores!  Problem is it is hard for me to focus on reading right now.  Because.....we have a MAJOR snowstorm bearing down on us here in southern Ohio.

I've lamented before about how I was out of the country during the Blizzard of `78 and all I've ever heard since then was how bad it was....well....I don't know whether to be elated or nervous now that it is a almost a reality, but some forecasters are now calling for a "blizzard" here for Friday and Saturday..possibly our worst Buckeye snowstorm in 30 years. Wow!  Check out some of the postings at and Skyeyeweather for Cincinnati-specific stuff.

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