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Bugs Bunny


I hope you are enjoying the information about Pinecraft, Florida.  It's such a fascinating community of "plain people."  If I were Amish, I'd probably head to Pinecraft with it's warm sun and relaxed ways.  Oh, and as a farther enticement for people to donate $3 for the Pinecraft material, you'll receive an exclusive email within 24 hours.  The email will contain a 2 - 3 minute video of showing a typical "Amish breakfast" along with a short article (written by me) about the morning meal in "plain" homes.  The video shows first-hand what a typical breakfast in Lovina's kitchen is on a daily basis. And you get to see what I look like at 6 a.m., now if THAT isn't worth $3.......I'm a big believer in keeping content on this site free, and videos have always been free and future ones will be free also.  This "breakfast video", however, is one we shot back in October and I just saved it and forgot about it. So I consider this one a kind of "bonus."


Since I can't think of anything Amish-related to write about, I'll focus on the decidedly non-Amish topic of cartoons.  I'm not sure why my mind is on cartoons today.  My childhood Saturday mornings were filled with colorful cartoons, real cartoons, not the commercials-disguised-as-cartoons that today's kids have.  I was never a huge Tom & Jerry fan, which seemed to be on all the time when I was a kid.  But I loved Popeye. I'd sometimes even grab a can of spinach from the pantry and stick it in my shirt just like Popeye (SIGH, why do I share this stuff?)....the magic ended when I realized I couldn't squeeze the can open with my hand like Popeye did.  By the way, was the bad guy in Popeye episodes Bluto or Brutus?  Or both? There was also the "Sea Hag" on was always slightly unsettling to see Popeye beat up an old lady...The Jetsons were favorites, and so were Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Foghog Leghorn, and "Chilly Willy" (the annoying little penguin). Are any of these cartoons still around and on TV?   Ah, and compilation of childhood cartoons would be complete without recalling Scooby and the gang, although I thought the cartoon went downhill when they added Scrappy.    I also seem to remember a cartoon called "Sinbad", he was a sailor that "pulled his magic belt" to gain superhuman powers.   Of course, Disney favorites like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse had been around for ages by the time I was a kid.....I was only mildly interested in them, but I loved Daffy Duck.   So does anyone have any cartoon favorites you'd like to share, gone but not forgotten favorites?

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