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Super Duper Tuesday



CAPTION: Mitt Romney has been leading in early vote getting on our amishcookonline Presidential poll. 

Well, I guess it's okay to talk a little politics today...after all, many of you are voting today.  Any of you in Super Tuesday states who have gone out to vote, were the polls crowded?

I once ran for office.  This was back in 2000 when I ran for a seat in our state assembly. In the end, I got clobbered, grabbing just 38 percent of the vote.  In retrospect, I was too young.  I wasn't good at asking people for money (the sad requirement fo running for office: campaign donations) back then.   I'm really good at it now:), but not then, and I was a little shy when it came to the door to door campaigning.  But it was a neat experience.  Elizabeth Coblentz, the original Amish Cook, was having some sort of problem with her bank back in 2000 and in a fit of frustration she huffed to the bank manager: "I'll have my editor get you in some trouble, he IS running for governor, you know!"    Elizabeth and I both got a laugh about that later when she realized her mistake.  She just didn't understand a lot of the inner-workings of government and that was just fine by her, as it is with most Amish.  They are content to let the English do the "heavy lifting."  Local level politics, however, is different. They will following local zoning ordinances and tax issues much more closely.

The Amish just don't involve themselves in Presidential politics as a general rule.   They hear little bits and pieces, snippets of information from the bishop, maybe, or from non-Amish drivers who shuttle them around.   Lovina and I recently had a conversation that went something like this:

Lovina: I heard there was a chance a woman could be president?

Me:  It's possible.  It's also possible we could have our first African-American candidate.

Lovina:  Eli told me that if that former president's wife wins, she'll take away all the guns.

Me:  Well, you and I don't usually discuss politics, so this is something different for us:), but I can assure you Hillary will NOT take away our guns.  NO ONE one would take away our guns, our society is so armed to the teeth if anyone ever tried there'd be a bloody revolt.

Lovina:  Most of the Amish don't have guns, it's just the hunters who are worried.  I told Eli that you aren't a hunter anyway, so what is it to you?

Me:  Well, tell them they have nothing to worry about......

I'm not taking a political position, I just know that no one - GOP or Dem - could take away everyone's guns even if they wanted to.  But the above conversation is pretty revealing and typical of the mindset of the Amish when it comes to politics.....they often hear just little tidbits of information...this, coupled with their natural suspicion of the government, can result in some pretty interesting conversations! 


I know, I know, this site is generally about the Amish.  But sometimes I have to indulge my own interests and presidential politics is one of them.  I put the remaining major party candidates in the poll and I listed everyone by alphabetical order of last name. The voting is anonymous, so I cannot see who voted for what.  I just thought it'd be fun to get a "snapshot" of how Amish Cook readers are thinking.  My guess is that the poll will skew towards the GOP, but maybe I'm wrong.  I think maybe we'll do one poll now on the eve of Super Tuesday and another in October.  Maybe I am naive, but this is just meant to be fun, no uncivil political comments please!

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