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Well today is kind of a slow day in my world.  So when the going is slow and I can't think of anything meaningful to write about, I'll scan the blogosphere for someone who does.   This first blog I'll share is interesting in that the non-Amish blogger is describing the possibility of selling her home to an Amish couple.  I'm not sure where in Ohio the writer is (I'll try to find out), but her observations were accurate.  Amish people who buy an "English" home are given a certain length of time to get it up to local church code, which usually means stripping it of electricity, plumbing, and other items. 

This is someone's blog post about this dopey "Amish heater" we've been hearing so much about.  Folk, it's a scam.....well, "scam" MIGHT be too strong a may well be a working electric space heater, but it has about as much of an Amish connection as Mitt Romney has.

Lastly, I'm not sure who this writer is, what the blog's mission is, but she shares some really insightful peeks into Kentucky's growing "plain community."  The Bluegrass State has rival Wisconsin in its Anabaptist population growth.  This is a report from "on the ground" in Kentucly.  This is the first of a series, which I'll update here as she updates it.

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