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Um....A Little Advice??

I'm used to giving talks and even enjoy it.  On the other hand, Rachel is pretrified of public speaking. Heck she gets nervous talking on the phone.  But, me?  A natural-born ham.  You can plop me in front of a room full of 200 people and I'd far rather give a talk than to them than go outside and mow my lawn. Rachel is the exact opposite.  So I don't mind and even enjoy giving talks.  But I'm usually talking about the Amish Cook and Amish culture in front of a group of 50-something year-old ladies .  But not this time, not this Friday.  I was roped into giving a talk about the Amish to a couple of sixth-grade classes.   The idea of talking to a group of fifth and sixth graders on a Friday afternoon in the spring seems to me to be akin to being thrown to a pack of hungry wolves.    Sixth-graders, that is like, age 12, right?  These are "little people" but not quite in the same way as TLC'S show Little People, Big World?  Anyone reading this can see the extent of my experience with children.  Um, does anyone have any advice to keep me from being chewed up and spit out by a bunch of sixth-graders on Friday???  What is the best way to "reach" these people??

Assorted Saturday Stuff....

It's a little disconcerting to wake up to an email calling me a "money grubbing sleazebag" for the fee to play the yodel.  I try not to let it bother me, but I'm human and it does.  I think email, for all its merits,  has caused a reduction in civility.  Before email people might call me on the phone and have a reasonable discussion. SIGH. Not anymore.  I guess all the musical artists who charge .99 cents for an Itunes download are also sleazebags.  Sheesh, we're charging $1.49 for two weeks of unlimited listens.  Being editor of the column is my full time job. Lovina writes the column as her job. Are we supposed to just give it all away?:(  On the other hand, I should not dwell on the negative...Thank you BKcronin, Kimberly, Randi and others for some very nice, supportive comments.

Anyway, back to cheerier topics, since the Amish in the News section is still down I am posting some things here.  A reader - a nice one - sent me an article from a newspaper in Australia.  The piece gives a great perspective of how Amish country is viewed from "Down Under."  Unfortunately, it also perpetuates a ton of untrue stereotypes and just plain misinformation.  Check out the article and let me know some of the things you caught that are inaccurate.  We can discuss that a bit instead of yodeling - refreshing:).

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