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The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

The response to the Eicher family's yodeling has been both wonderful and overwhelming! (Click here to read the original entry.)

THIS IS YOUR STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO LISTENING TO THE YODELING. You should be able to breeze through these steps and be listening to the yodeling in a few minutes.

As editor of the column, I'm always struggling with determining how much the column is worth to readers and newspapers. Well, here you have a chance decide. You can pick whatever price listed that you feel a ticket to this mini-concert is worth. I would be THRILLED and so GRATEFUL if you pick something other than $1.49, but you definitely don't have to. You can play the track as many times as you want over a two week period, but then to limit the Eicher's exposure to the internet and to preserve their privacy the audio selection will no longer be available.

The registration and payment process only takes a few minutes. Here is a simplified guide to the steps involved:

  1. If you don't have a username and password for this site, GET ONE HERE!
    • After entering your email address and selecting a username, you will receive an email with a link that completes the signup
    • If you have an account and simply forgot your password, just use the REQUEST NEW PASSWORD feature...
  2. After successfully logging into the site, click here to name your price for hearing this audio treasure.
  3. When you check out, the site uses PayPal to handle payments. You don't need a paypal login - just enter your payment information there and on success you'll come back to this site.
  4. You made it! In the upper left corner of the screen there will now be a Listing Station block. In there will be links to each of the yodels.

fending's picture


It's been quite a production to get these online, understandably because of the obvious technological disconnect. But here they are! When you buy the Listening Station, you get a Listening Station block with links to each yodel added to your screen (top left) when you're logged in. That access expires after 14 days, but it's well worth the listens, I think.

Having a music background myself (I intended a career in music before Technology lured me away to its cave...), these yodels proved a fascinating listen. The first yodel, with a cadenza by Joe, is just fabulous in its harmonic complexity. I found myself straining to listen to a single voice, but whenever one of the other voices came in a little before or after the beat, or at a lower note, I was too fascinated to pick it apart and instead listened to the whole. That, it proves, it where the multiple listenings come in handy - if you can do the aural equivalent of unfocusing one's eyes (fuzzy ears??), the whole thing is really quite moving. The "echo" verse toward the end is particularly nice, and Joe's solo to round it out lends a nice touch.

The duet is a bit of a blur (in that it goes by all too quickly!), but benefits from the same consideration. Gone are the children's sometimes-meandering voices and you're left with beautiful, wide-open harmonies that beg you to sing along. The whole project reminded me of ethnolographer Alan Lomax and his wonderful field recordings. 

Of course, there's also Kevin Williams' innovation of offering the yodels for various prices, a sort of "pay as you can" or, more to the point, "pay as you care you support" model.  I was skeptical at first, but hope it takes off as well as we hope it might.

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