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Monette Buggy Amish Taliban

Going Buggy in Arkansas; Amish a Tribe?

Pretty quiet in Amish country today, maybe because many areas are smothered with a thick blanket of freshly fallen snow.  This is the case for Lovina's area....lots of powerdy white for her children to play in.

Meanwhile, the tiny burg of Monette, Arkansas included an Amish-made buggy as the centerpiece of their town's Christmas decorations.  Call me a curmudgeon this morning, but I always find buggies incorporated into decorative displays to be a little kitschy/tacky. For the Amish buggies are a very functional and purposeful part of their life.  This would be like the Amish incorporating a Chevy Blazer as a centerpiece for some decorative display.  Just wouldn't make much sense.  Still, I share the buggy owner's awe of the craftsmanship that goes into one. 

Because it's a slow news day I grabbed this blog off a newswire.  The writer is drawing comparisons between the Amish and other insular groups. I actually agree with many of the scribe's thoughts, although I think the attempt to draw a parallel between the Amish and the Taliban, even in a tangetial way, was a bit off the mark....

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