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Auntie Anne's

Wisconsin Buggy Registration; Twist of Fate

For newcomers to this site, this is the section where we discuss and analyze news and events in the Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite communities. It's often surprising how much goes on.

First item today: a state legislator in Wisconsin is attempting to pass a measure that would impose a $40 buggy registration fee to help pay for wear and tear on roads. The legislator's reasoning is that the Amish don't "buy gas" which carries a tax which helps pay for road upkeep.  While I don't think this proposal is terribly outlandish (Indiana already has a similar measure on the books), it strikes me as a little bit of government sour grapes.  The fact is that the Amish DO buy gas for various purposes.  They DO pay taxes.  And, really, buggies do far less damage than large semi trucks which rumble down roads.  But the semi-truck lobby carries much more clout, so don't look for any "semi registration fee" any time soon.  Read about Wisconsin's proposed legislation.  


I have written before about the Auntie Anne's pretzel chain and how its founder has personal roots in the Amish-Mennonite country of Pennsylvania.  She'll be coming out with a new book soon (entitled "Twist of Fate") that describes her transformation from Mennonite mother and pretzel baker to multimillionaire.  I like how she and her husband are using their fortune to give back to the Amish-Mennonite community.  Take a look.  There are too many stories about people who leave the Amish and then trash the culture, the Beiler's are using their resources to help and heal.

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