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Amish Taxis - Pennsylvania Cracks Down

As I've noted before, since the Amish are not permitted to own vehicles they often hire non-Amish people to transport them.  This isn't religious hypocrisy, it's just the reality of the world we live in.  The Amish can't maintain the insular completely self-sufficient life they once led.  Hiring drivers is a compromise, a price to pay, for the shift away from an agrarian lifestyle. Generally it works out OK, if an Amish person needs a ride there is an informal network of non-Amish people in any given community willing to make an extra buck by playing "taxi."  SIGH,  but God forbid we have a workable system without government intrusion!  So the state of Pennsylvania is cracking down, attempting to regulate the practice of non-Amish drivers transporting the Amish.  Seems to me like silly overkill and that Pennsylvania would be better off focusing its resources on maintaining its tattered turnpike or if they really want to mess around with the Amish, perhaps go after puppy mills.  But "taxi drivers"?  What do others think? Am I missing something here, is this type of regulation warranted?

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