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Florida Amish

Pinecraft Parade; Underage drinkers busted....

I've written before about Florida's unique Amish enclave of Pinecraft which is entering its most busy time of year right about now.  This far-flung corner of Sarasota is home to a large population of winter snowbird Amish and Mennonites. This article is about three years old but it is one of the better ones I've read about Pinecraft so if you are unfamiliar with the settlement I'm referring to, read about it here.  The only thing I'll add is that the "divisions" that occur so often in northern Amish areas tend to disappear under the warm Florida sun.  You have the most conservative Old Order Amish socializing with more liberal Mennonites.  Most of the barriers seem to come down in Pinecraft and one is left with a relaxed, bucolic setting.  One of the unique traditions of Pinecraft is its annual parade, which just took place.

And, lastly, a bit too much holiday cheer for a group of Amish teens apparently in the throes of rumspringa. Police busted a party featuring many underage Amish drinkers in New York State.

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