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Amish invention

Amish Heater?

There have been some posts the past day or so about these "Amish heater" ads that have been running in newspapers. I know of something cool that Amish people use to heat their homes.  It's called a: FIREPLACE.  Or maybe a kerosene stove.  And, hey, even a few still use coal.  But, please, please, common sense folks.  The "Amish heater" is about as much Amish as I am am Bulgarian (which is about none).

Large newspapers across the USA (shame on them) have been running full page ads touting the "Miracle Heaters" made by the Amish.  Well, first of all, whoever is behind the ad campaign has some bucks because full-page ads are not cheap.  The Post-Standard, the main daily in Syracuse, New York, is one of the papers that ran the full ad.  The ad claims that you can save big on your heating bill if you buy one of these. Baloney!  If you don't believe me, read a short "letter to the editor" of another paper that published the ad.  The letter was written by Andy Foley a Phd in Connecticut who obtained is degree in turbomachinery.    Still, you don't have to always have a Phd to know that an ad like that is bogus. Just use your gut and common sense. Are the Amish really into electric heaters?

The website "Fat Wallet" is a good one for examining money-saving prospects and promises.  Here are what the posters at Fat Wallet have to say about the "Amish heater", and I generally agree with all that is said.

Some of the best posts about this product, though, are here on this Yahoo forum.  This is yet another example of an entity capitalizing on the good name of the Amish to pitch a product.  Don't buy it.

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