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Amish School Catches Fire

A quick-thinking non-Amish neighbor swung into action and kept a school-house fire from becoming a bigger disaster in Central Pennsylvania yesterday.  This illustrates the wonderful neighbor-helping-neighbor mentality that permeates much of "Amish country", whether one is a member of the faith or not.  The ethos of self-sufficiency allows people to live very independently.  In this case, lives were probably saved.

Also, I was struck by a recent survey from the online website Yahoo which lists Lancaster County, PA as one of the top tourist destinations in the USA.  I will return to Lancaster County someday soon to see what all the fuss is about. I know last time I was there it just seemed to kitchsy, too touristy.  I was spellbound by the area's beauty when I went biking on some rural backroads there, but otherwise I just wasn't blown away.  Apparently, though, many I may have well missed some of the area's more authentic Amish offerings.

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