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Van Crash Injures Amish; Barn-Raising

An Amish family in central Pennsylvania had the misfortune of being plowed into from behind by a van.  Three of their children were hospitalized.  Anytime such an accident occurs and there are no fatalties, though, big time blessings can be counted.  Click here to read.  The driver of the van said she crested a hill and the buggy was right there.  I sympathize with her because that can happen, which is why slow travel is essential in hilly Amish areas.  I'm just speculating, but the van driver probably wasn't speeding which could be why there were no fatalaties.

Meanwhile, here is a beautifully written article about a barn-raising in Pennsylvania. The writer of the article was very fortunate to have been able to witness such an event. Amish barn-raisings, for a variety of reasons, just aren't as common as they once were.  They still happen, though, especially after a structure gets destroyed by a fire or a tornado.  I have to admit I rolled my eyes a bit when the writer describes the noon meal being packed with "seven sweets and seven sours."  I've found this to be more of a tourist-based myth than an Amish culinary reality. 

Neat Sounding Store; More Permit Trouble

Twenty years ago the Amish presence in Illinois was pretty much limited to the Arthur area (one of my favorite settlements).    Today, Arthur remains the largest and oldest Amish community in the Land of Lincoln, but the "plain presence" is has been growing in other parts of the state.  This is an article that describes the recent opening of a really neat sounding Amish "country store" in a rural area between Galesburg, Illinois and Burlington, Iowa.  I wish this store was near me! Click here to read the article and if any of our site visitors have a chance to check this place out, let us know how your trip was!  I'm just not very familiar with the Amish settlements in this area so any information would be interesting.

Also, today, more trouble in the Keystone State.  The same ultra-conservative Amish that recently raised the ire of nearby English for dumping raw sewage in fields are now being hassled for building without a permit.  The government response all seems a bit heavy-handed to me, but, whatever. Click here to read.

Icy Laundry; Update on Accident

The Wisconsin State Journal actually had an interesting - and respectful - photo in their paper depicting a laundry scene in Amish country. The picture was shot near Pardeeville.  This settlement is in the south-central part of the state, north of Madison.  Many Amish homemakers will choose to let their laundry dry on racks indoors when it gets to be very frigid, which is what Lovina does. One's fingers can get very, very cold trying to pinch clothespins on a line in zero degree weather.  But this Amish woman in Wisconsin was apparently brave enough to try.  Meanwhile, Lovina's husband has strung laundry lines up across their basement giving her ample room to hang everything, although she prefers the "fresher smell" of clean laundry drying outdoors.  Pardeeville, by the way, is one of Wisconsin's oldest Amish communities.  Only recently has the Badger State experienced a huge Amish influx and they have settled largely around the communities of Cashton and Sparta.

Meanwhile, an update on the Amish woman in Lancaster County, PA who was struck and killed by an automobile while walking to her mailbox early yesterday.  A Philadelphia TV station is reporting that three cars hit the woman, and two of them kept on driving!   Not good.  Click here to read a newspaper article about the accident.

Evening Update: Monster Snowstorm This Weekend?

Hmmm, are we FINALLY going to get clobbered by a heavy snowstorm here in Ohio.  Up to 8 inches is now being forcast for this weekend.  For those who have 10 minutes of free time, take a look at "The Weather Rush" an online weather report.  This is going to be awesome if this storm materializes.  SIGH, meanwhile I'm stuck already and not a flake has fallen. I discovered one of my tires on my car is flat.  No big deal, I can change a tire...except this time...the stupid tire will NOT COME OFF!!! Arrgggh, gotta get the tire fixed so I can do the required run to the grocery for bread and milk tomorrow!

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