Quick Waffles?

I found a recipe from the old archives of The Amish Cook today.  It's never been published anywhere before and it looks a little quirky, but good.  It's a recipe for "quick waffles."  Did not know there was such a thing.  Here is Elizabeth's recipe as she wrote it word for word:



4 eggs

2 1 /2 cups milk

3 /4 cup melted shortening

3 1/2 cups flour

6 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

Combine all ingredients and beat for 1 minute. Bake waffles in a hot waffle iron.  Makes 10 waffles or more.

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Re: Quick Waffles?

Hi, I've been looking for a review on the cast iron waffle iron from Lehman's. I repair small electrical appliajnces for a living, and the one appliance I dislike repairing the most are electric waffle makers. I call them "aweful makers."


anyway, it sounds like the waffle iron from Lehman's works well. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has a stove topped waffle iron and how they like theirs.


I love my stove top coffee perculator, treadle sewing machines, and oil lamps!


blessings, Caryl

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Re: Quick Waffles?

So I'm assuming one could substitute the 3 /4 cup melted shortening for canola or olive oil instead and than so one does not overdose on eggs for the week I'm going to use 1 egg, 4 tbsp corn starch and 1 banana instead of 4 eggs

Healthy Amish Waffles

Re: Quick Waffles?

This is a pretty similar recipe to the one that I use. I have a stove-top waffle iron, purchased several years ago from Lehman Hardware.. (they still offer it). I had an electric one, but the waffles always stuck. In this one they don't!!

Re: Quick Waffles?

The recipe is similar to my grandmothers. She had a stovetop waffle iron. It was hinged, top and bottom, and you flipped it after a minute or so on a side. I don't think she ever washed it, just put a dab of either Crisco or butter in to melt, flipped it over, and then added the batter. I can almost smell them. Bet I know what a lot of us will be having for supper tonight!

Re: Quick Waffles?

Oh, no, you wouldn't wash it, that would unseason it!

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Re: Quick Waffles?

Thanks for the information,now I know that there is such a  thing as a stove top waffle iron.  Yes,we had waffles this morning!

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Re: Quick Waffles?

I thought that waffles was about the only food the Amish didn't prepare. 

Re: Quick Waffles?

Well, at least the making of the batter is relatively quick!  The cooking takes a while, especially if you have a small waffle-maker like I do.  And for SOME reason, my small clan always prefer waffles to pancakes.

Re: Quick Waffles?

Hello Luv! I've missed seeing updates on your own blog this past week, summer does that to us I guess!

Quick waffles, hmmm - if you are lucky to get the first cooked batch then I suppose they are quick!  Our waffle iron is starting to get tired.  Mine makes the four square ones at one baking though.  On waffle/pancake night we all pray together, then I serve them as they are ready, it just takes so long especially waffles, you are right, to cook, I would have to start like an hour before dinner time!  Oh, we eat these things for dinner, not breakfast. one thing that would make the mixing quick is that she didn't separate and beat the egg whites, then fold in. It makes a fluffier lighter waffle, but it is time consuming.   

Re: Quick Waffles?

Ugh... yes, I have been neglecting my own blog.  I have been kept super-busy lately, but no excuse!  LOL


My little waffle-makers fell off the shelf and broke soon after we moved here.   That was a good excuse to only make the much-quicker pancakes ;-)  I looked and looked for a 4-square-waffle maker, but just couldn't find one.  I ended up buying another 2-square one at Target, that will also make sandwiches.  So as I stand there for half an hour making a plate of waffles, I wish I would have spent the money and ordered a 4-square one!

Re: Quick Waffles?

Too bad you don't live closer to me, I just got rid of my 4 square waffle maker at a yard sale. The sons don't like the square ones, the like the round ones better. 

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