Hot Potato Casserole

This is a recipe I found in the old Amish Cook archives from 1993. True to form for Elizabeth, the instructions are quite minimal, but it sounds like a fairly easy dish.

6-8 medium potatoes

1 /2 pound Velveeta cheese (cubed)

1 tablespoon mustard

1 cup mayonnaise

1 /2 cup chopped onion

1 /2 pound bacon, fried, drained, and cut-up

salt to taste


Mix all ingredients together.  Put into a buttered baking dish.  Bake 1 hour at 350.  This dish can be prepared the day before and baked when ready to use.

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

KJuneBug, I thought of you when I saw this recipe. I know you like to cook with Velveeta. It's yummy stuff!  Tongue out

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

Yep! I'll have to make it sneaky one night, I'm not sure how the warm mayo/mustard will go over, I'm guessing Hubby will like it- I "tricked" him last week when we grilled burgers as we were out of bbq sauce, I mixed ketsup and italian salad dressing together.  He claims to dislike ketsup and anything vinegary; he thought the burgers were amazing and wondered what I had done!  It was pretty funny when I confessed.   

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

If your hubby is like mine, likely he wouldn't it is all together in the casserole!! The flavors blend, and as long as it is tasty, who cares? Oh by the way, sometimes, you just have to keep the secret!!! My grandma, who was a wonderful Christian lady, taught me that about cooking. Her dishes were famous at church functions, as well as with the family. She had "secrets" that she would not give up !!!! Funny how things come about, some of my most treasured recipes are from her. People that knew her still ask for them. And yes, I share.....Her competition is gone as well. I think that is what it was, we live in a small area and the older ladies competed with cooking. I might be wrong, and there's no-one left to ask. ( When grandma passed away, I inherited her recipe box, it is my most prized  piece of history. It is in her me it is priceless.)

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

You are right! Lately I've been buying the store brand of canned refried beans, they have no seasonings and the family noticed, so the next time I peeled the label off secretly and acting like the CIA (that would be Children In Action) was watching I quickly grab the needed spices and voi-la! They eat the beans!!!     

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

Yum, I think I'll give a try and a tweak (based on the the ingredients on handTongue out

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

My mother, who introduced my to AC, made this for us several times, but would never tell me the recipe! We found it after she passed in her recipe file on the newspaper clipping. I know she would have loved to have the internet to communicate with everyone! I can only imagine she and Elizabeth sitting around in heaven and talking about cooking! Mom never missed a column.


Re: Hot Potato Casserole

That is so cool, I just plucked that recipe from obscurity, literally found it in an old dusty bin of original hand-written columns....didn't think there would be anyone out there that would remember the recipe......

Re: Hot Potato Casserole

Our potatoes are just about ready to be dug so this would be a great casserole to use with them.  We only keep a few fresh out to eat and can the rest.  I chopped onions for the freezer all weekend and my hands still smell like them!

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