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Bread, Part II

I wrote yesterday about "Amish Friendship Bread". It's origin and roots in the Amish community are unclear. Elizabeth Coblentz, the original Amish Cook and Lovina's Mom (for you newcomers), told me she was familiar with the bread going back years and years. The bread was often taken to shut-ins or elderly who could no longer bake, hence the name "friendship bread." One additional thought to yesterday's note about "starters". If properly maintained they will keep for years. My Aunt Jeannie never throws away anything and she meticulously cares for stuff. She has had her starter now going on over TWENTY YEARS! Anyone beat that record? Again, I know I'll write more about this signature Amish item in future posts and I was going to write more today, but then I thought why do all this work when "The Good Ole Cook", a blogger in central Missouri has done all the work for me! She wrote a recent extensive post about "Amish Friendship Bread", with great descriptions and photos.
I'm also adding her blog to my "editor's pick" list, because reading through her other posts, she really is an interesting lady with lots of good simple recipes that I think Amish Cook readers will like.
Also, check out Alison's recent post in her blog, theflourroom. "Baked oatmeal" is true winter comfort food in the Midwest, something Elizabeth made often.

The Good Ole Cook