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``what does "report to Mollom" do???``

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Part of the site upgrade was a transition to the spam captcha service Mollom. You may have noticed far fewer of the CAPTCHAs ( floating around the site. The new service we're employing actually analyzes the text from its point of origin, validates it (more automagic!), and *decides* whether to ask for a captcha 80% of the time. The rest of the time - like for account setups and passwords retrieval - we require it. In the past day alone, the service stopped hundreds of spam attempts. Not a single one got through!

Part of that excellence is how they run the show: people. Spefically: You. If you see something that's inappropriate (swearing in some new, creative way) or outright spamming (oh, i dunno... "LINKS OF LONDON"... ummm... "AMISH FIREPLACES! BUYBUYBUY!") - - well, use the "report to Mollom" link on that comment to let the Mollom computer know they missed one, and we're all cruising at 30,000ft again.

Re: ``what does "report to Mollom" do???``

Thank you.  You have done a great job.