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wants to learn about amish culture

i am new to this area since i came from virginia and our newspaper was the richmond-times dispatch. i came from colonial heights,virginia in the early summer, starting to take the cincinnati enquirer about two weeks ago. i saw the amish cook last wedsnday and i really enjoyed it. thank you for letting me on your site.

Re: wants to learn about amish culture

i have found that most of the site regulars do have a knowledge of amish culture and this makes me feel as though i am somewhat ''backwards'' when it comes time for me to respond to a comment that someone has given to a question. as you all can see, i need all the help that i can get so that i can converse on an intelligent level. i am glad that you did answer back.

Re: wants to learn about amish culture


glad to hear  from new and old site regulars. welcome we all learn and share here mostly about amish and other good things that life brings.